Unsold Store

Request for Space in the Unsold Store

Space in the Unsold Store is only available to exhibitors based outside London

The stores will be managed by the security company, Protective Security Group Ltd (PSG), and access will only be allowed during the build up and pull out periods, during the show open period between the hours 0800 –1000 hrs, and one hour after show close. All goods left in the stores must be labelled and ‘signed in’, and they must also be ‘signed out’ upon removal.  The appropriate Inventory Forms must be used for this and will be supplied by PSG on site, on the day.


It will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to carry goods to and from the stores during the show open period, as porters will only be available for the build-up and pull out.   

No ladders should be left in the Unsold Store.

N.B. Exhibitors should ensure items are wrapped/protected and that any items placed in the Stores are left there at their own risk.

Size Requirements

NB we ask for your ideal requirements, but realistically, this will be approximately 1-2m². 

If demand is high we might have to reduce the space allotted to you